Lost in Avalon


Movie Review

Lost in Avalon’ is an intriguing tale of two women lost on an island. Written, directed, and produced by Luciana Lambert, the short film takes us along on a fascinating journey where Gwen, a queen, is stranded on the Avalon island. She is accompanied by her “sister” Margo who retains a cold and dark aura around her throughout the film. The most interesting rivalry and fiery exchanges between Gwen and Margo are sure to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats as they dig deep into the carefully crafted yet gradually revealed backstory of the two leading characters.

Gwen is a faithful, charming Christian woman who prays to God for forgiveness and desperately hopes for Divine help and intervention that could rescue them from the island. On the other hand, Margo appears to have a strikingly different personality and has her prayers are directed at the Goddess. The twenty-three minutes long film stars Luciana Lambert in the role of Gwen and Margo is played by Karen-Eileen Gordon. Both of them deliver an outstanding performance that keeps you not only hooked to the plot but also curious to discover how the story is going to end.

The film is set on a mesmerizing beach. It opens with a wide angle shot of the island and the scene is enhanced by a wonderful background score. The music creates an eerie atmosphere and sets the mysterious mood of this short film. The careful use of the splashing sounds of the waves adds just the right amount of tension to the dramatic plot. The darkness of the night is portrayed by a moonlit sky with floating clouds. The occasional shots of the daytime sky that has mostly taken a pinkish hue and is laden with grey clouds are eye-catching and enhance the overall cinematography of the film. Do not miss the chance to watch this intriguing ensemble of a tempting storyline and amazing performances that are fully complimented by breathtaking cinematography and an incredibly appealing sequence of background scores. 

Review by Anni Enk

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